Spanish Surfing Park in Siheung City


Spanish Surfing Park in Siheung City

On November 22, our Secretary General, Mr. Roger Royo had a meeting at Gyeonggi-Do province office to discuss the investment memorandum between Gyeonggi-Do, Siheung city, and private entities. Around 2020, the world’s largest artificial surfing park will be opened and the memorandum was signed to facilitate the investment from private sectors as well as public sectors.

At the meeting, the Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Mr. Lee Jae Myeong, Mayor of Siheung City, Mr. Lim Byeong Taek, head of K-Waters, Mr. Lee Hak-Su and the president of Daewon Plus construction, Mr. Choi Sam Seup attended. The Commercial and Economic Counsellor of the Embassy of Spain, Mr. Antonio Estévez was present this day as well.

In this project, in addition to the artificial surfing park, additional facilities such as hotel, marina, convention center, shopping street will also be built. Our VIP member, Daewon Plus ConstructionCo., Ltd., is the main company in charge of the project but multiple Spanish companies will also be part of it. Specifically, the Spanish company Wavegarden, holds critical technology for building artificial waves. In addition, our VIP member CKIPM Marine Group will be in charge of building the marina and the Spanish engineering company SENER will also have a key role in this project.

Having in mind that many of the facilities will have a Spanish theme, this project will be a huge opportunity for Spanish brands. In other words, this collaboration with Spain to build the world’s largest surfing park in Si heung will be a chance for Spanish companies to greatly expand their business in Korea.


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