Enrique Vilaplana


Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ESCCK)

Dear Members and friends,

It is my distinct honour to embark upon my new role as President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. I have been involved with the Chamber for a few years and I genuinely believe that its future is extremely bright.

Before discussing my vision for the upcoming year, I would like to take a moment to tell you how terrific was 2018 for the Chamber, and I would also like to take this opportunity to recognise and celebrate the fantastic achievements of outgoing Members of the Board.

As said earlier it was a great year for the Chamber, but it must grow more in terms of members and also in terms of financial health. Those two points are going to lead our path during the following years, but how are we going to do that? With passion but also with dedication.

PASSION because Spain is our home. I am proud to be a Spaniard and, as you, I care deeply about Spain’s future. This was the main reason why I wanted to collaborate with the Chamber, reason big enough to approach Korean people to our way of life and way of doing.

Tourism, sports, gastronomy, language, culture, the Chamber has great excuses to show to this country how to leisure, rest and relax after a hard workday, who wants to be in?

And DEDICATION because this year is going to be a busy one for the Chamber, a lot of activities are going to be held in accordance with that importance, activities based on our member´s businesses and focused on energy and environment, automotive, trade, financial, education. Our aim is to give every member the chance to improve their visibility through conferences, forums, seminar, exhibitions and, of course, networking. Of course, Chamber´s friends are also invited in this endeavour. Who wants to start first?

Besides that, this year is going also to be a milestone for the relationship among our countries, and that implies official visits from a few of our Government in the motherland, I am sure you will all know what that means in terms of boosting businesses.

Members and friend, the Chamber is and will be here for you and your interest! Take the shot!

Thus, I am eager to share my ideas with all of you, but also the Board is open to hear everybody´s thoughts and comments, especially through the creation of special committees in that regard. To sum it up, everybody is welcome to participate and give their ideas.

In closing, the Chamber´s Board, staff, and I would like our members to know that we will continue to represent you to the highest standard. We will continue to support, promote and represent you. We will ensure that the matters affecting you are heard, and together, with your support, we will instigate positive change. We will be hard at work in the community spearheading initiatives to improve Spain. We will also continue to speak out on the important issues that impact us all. We are here for all of you.

To the community, the Chamber will also work hard to ensure that Spain continues a path for improvement for all.

The future is bright. The Spanish Chamber of Commerce is 5 years and fabulous, stronger than ever before, and ready to push the limits. It is time for the Chamber to level up.


Thank you and best regards,


Enrique Vilaplana

President ESCCK.