Our Services

The primary objective of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Korea is to support companies established in Korea that wish to improve their commercial relations, fostering cooperation between private entities and institutions and establishing a bridge of contact between them. In addition, we encourage the necessary coordination with the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Seoul.


Through Seminars and Events we offer the opportunity to develop a network of contacts and valuable relationships to find potential partners and customers. In addition, we offer economic and fiscal sessions to be informed with the latest news.

Promotion and Visibility

In our directory, website, social networks, and monthly newsletters we offer the opportunity to present new companies and news, distributed electronically to our members, as well as to Institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Commercial Offices and / or business organizations in Spain and Korea. In addition, we make personalized presentations between members and companies.

Information and communication

We offer a monthly report with the main news of the market and updated commercial, economic and labor information. Also, we help participation in relevant Institutional events such as Ministerial visits and Bilateral Events between Spain and Korea.

Individual services

We also offer other types of consulting services, such as useful information on the creation of companies and document processing between clients and the Public Administration. Translations are also provided and the possibility of finding new workers with qualified profiles.

Participation in the Assembly and Committees

Members of ESCCK have the right to participate in the elections for the General Assembly of the Chamber and in Sectoral Committees for the development of strategic sectors. ESCCK coordinates its activities with other European Chambers and Institutions.