Daniel Valle Architects is awarded by the Songdo-gu City Hall


Daniel Valle Architects is awarded by the Songdo-gu City Hall

Our VIP member, Daniel Valle Architects, has recently finished the construction of the Maebong Daycare Center in Seoul’s downtown. This is the first public building built by a Spanish architectural firm in South Korea and it has been awarded by the Songdo-gu City Hall for its excellence in design.

The Daycare Center is an educational building for children between cero and five years old. The design of the building focuses on children and their small size. The building itself is subdivided into five smaller buildings to create the appearance of a group of small scale constructions which children can relate more. Windows are located at various heights and sizes to adjust both to children and adults.

The building is organized around a central stair painted in blue color with a large skylight on the roof that allows natural light access to the heart of the building. Classrooms open towards this space.

Classrooms are orientated to south and east while the serving programs such as kitchen, storages, elevator, and bathrooms are orientated towards the north. A greenhouse is located on the third floor that not only acts as part of the educational program but also as a heating system during the cold days of the winter. The warm air accumulated during the day is released later in the evening to the inner spaces contributing to the overall air treatment of the building.

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