NEW MEMBER: Marcos Salamanca


NEW MEMBER: Marcos Salamanca

We are pleased to announce that ESCCK has a new member: Marcos Salamanca

Marcos Salamanca is a producer in exclusivity of Premium Iberico Jamon and Sausages.

Located in the south of Salamanca Province, inside the Natural Park Sierra de Francia-Batuecas and adhered to the Appellation of Origin Guijuelo.

Founded in the 60’s, the factory is owned by the Nozar Group since the year 2000. Since that moment, begins a deeply technology updating in order to improve all the manufacturing process without compromising the artisanal origin of our products.

Marcos raise Iberian pigs by the traditional process, Iberico Bellota Free Range as well as Iberico Cebo Campo Free Range. Marcos is developing and improving the traditional processes to better the welfare and quality of life for the pigs which will have a direct impact on the quality of the finished product in addition to sustainability and environmental benefits.

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