The Spanish Restaurant Guide


How do we define Spanish food in a nutshell? Spain is a melting pot of Basque, Catalonia, Galician, Andalusian regions, where their unique language, History, and cultures overlap. There are few chefs that are pioneering the new move to shake the traditional tapas cuisine, including Ferran Adria, Juan Roca, and Arzak. Their tapas have been known to accompany the traditional sharing culture, whilst fuelling creativity and innovation.

23 different Spanish restaurants in Korea have been listed in this guide. Out of 49 Spanish restaurants located in Seoul and surrounding areas, these have been specially selected for having only Spanish dishes on the menu, native Spanish chefs and also for using seasonal ingredients to create innovative tapas dishes.

It was a great journey to find these restaurants satisfying my taste buds, as I found each paella was uniquely different in taste as each kimchi in Korea subtly differs between each household. All these restaurants also had each of their own little stories, and I felt that each contained a strong sense of passion for their food and philosophy for creating better Spanish food.

This guide also contains a regional list to help your tapas journey through Korea, and I am sure there will be different journeys to look forward to in the future.

Hyerim Kwon

Spanish Food Specialist